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Eat-Rite Story - How Special Needs Silverware Can Help

The Story Behind Eat-Rite Cutlery

Harold Hogarth is the CEO of Eat-Rite Utensils. When his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the senior Hogarth was devastated. While Harold and his father were having lunch one day, his father looked at him and said, 

"You know, when you can't feed yourself you feel helpless… you really want to give up. I want you to invent a product that can help people feed themselves regardless of their hand issues."

Harold P. Hogarth

Harold P. Hogarth


Three days after this conversation, Harold’s father slipped into a coma and died on July 20, 2013.

Prior to his dad's passing, Harold promised his father he would invent something people could use to give them back their dignity….and after three years of research, orthopedic collaborations, designs, and concepts, Harold kept his promise to his father!

Harold, being a successful businessman, knew this promise wasn’t going to be an easy task. After printing his first design on a 3D printer, he had his first prototype…the SN-1. He enlisted the help of his partners in DHS71 (see the story of DHS71 Partners); Cliff Bingham and David Levy. Soon after the new partnership in Eat-Rite Utensils, the SN-2 and SN-3 were born.

Looking to expand the product line, Harold experienced a child wrestling with his food in a local restaurant, and with the help of his grand-daughter, who was learning to feed herself for the first time, the KDS series of special needs silveware & utensils was created.

“I first gave it to my four-year-old granddaughter, and she took to the utensil very quickly. When she went home without it, she naturally held her normal utensil correctly!”

Harold added the wrist strap after speaking with many servers in various restaurants.  They can't wait for this product to be out on the market.  Harold’s father gave him the gift of a request to make other people’s lives better before his passing, and we are passing that gift on to you!

DHS 71 Varsity Football Team

Parent Company of Eat-Rite

When Harold Hogarth (#45) made a promise to his father to give people with disparate challenges in feeding themselves, he then made a call to Cliff Bingham (#22), a friend he had met at East Jr. High School in Downey, California, in 1967.

Cliff believed in the idea and got right to work. Cliff had a successful Tank building company, followed by a successful restaurant and bar as well as a multi world-record breaking drag boat racer.

The two enthusiasts then got in touch with David Levy (#60) who was also a school mate. David’s life career had been in the electronic import business and had been extremely successful.

Thus, “DHS71 Partners” was created. Downey High School, 1971 graduates! Eat-Rite colors are maroon and white – the same as the DHS school colors.

Side Note: Number 52 is the famous coach, George Horton, of the Oregon Ducks Baseball Team.

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