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Children's KDS Series

Eat-Rite Utensils Children's Cutlery

The Children's KDS Series helps children to feed themselves for the first time with fewer accidents - more food in their mouth and less on the floor, themselves, and their clothing! Parents and caregivers can count on the wristband to reduce the chances that the utensils will end up on the floor. In addition, children who learn to eat using Eat-Rite modified forks, spoons, and sporks adapt easily to properly holding a normal utensil later. All Eat-Rite Utensils have a clean and attractive pearl white colored handle and are dishwasher safe. 

KDS Series Pricing

• KDS Basic Set: A spoon and a fork with a wristband - $13.95

• KDS Full Set: A spoon, fork, and spork with a wristband - $19.95

•  Single Spork Option with wristband - $9.95

• Additional Wristband\Additional Pouch - $4.95

 *Coming Soon: KDS SN-2 

   Free Shipping on all orders over $35.00

Children's KDS-1 Set

Children's KDS Basic Set Includes: A Spoon Fork, Wristband and Pouch

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Children's KDS-2 Set

Children's KDS Full Set Includes: A Spoon, Fork, Spork, Wristband and Pouch

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Children's KDS, SN-2

Children's KDS, SN-2, Includes a Spork, Wristband and Pouch

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"My toddler daughter used Eat Rite utensils and it was amazing how they taught and trained her the right way to hold a spoon & fork! And she no longer became frustrated while feeding herself because she was able to pick up the food & get it into her mouth! Eat Rite utensils are a must for any toddler learning how to eat!! They are great and they work really well!!"

- M. Pickens

Utensil Features

Our utensils feature wide, flat, high-quality plastic handles with large finger holes to make them more ergonomic. We sell a fork, spoon, and spork set, and carrying pouches to take along to restaurants. Our utensils come with a detachable wristband, so that if you or a child drop a fork or spoon, it won't fall to the floor. Eat-Rite Utensils are also dishwasher-safe.

Limited Warranty

We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all of our utensils. If anything happens to one of our products, just contact us at 1-866-487-4130 and send $4.95 for shipping and handling, along with the defective item. We will send out a replacement as soon as possible.